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Manual Lymph Drainage &
Cranial Alignment Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage

Light touch wotk to stimulate and drain excess fluid in the body, head and neck. This work eases discomfort of swollen limbs, boosts the immune system, drains sinuses, clears fatigue/ brain fog, accelerates healing and can reduce the appearance of scars!

Cranial Alignment Therapy

Gentle work to cranial bones and tissues of the head and neck to encourage optimal possitioning of bone alignment, supportive tissues like fascia, nerve pathways, and vessels for blood flow. This work can calm the symptoms of ADHD, ease headaches/ migraines, release the TMJ stress response as well as tention of neck. 

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Our Features

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

What MLD is:

What MLD is NOT:

~ MLD is a technique to stimulate the body's Lymphatic System with an established protocol directly to the vessels.

~ This is light-pressure contact without oils

~ MLD is used pre and post-surgery to accelerate healing from surgery.

~ This is work that improves aesthetics as well as body function

~ Effective way to soft dense tissue due to stagnant Lymph like fibrous breast tissue or rigid scalp fascia.

~ MLD is not massage! There is no glide, slide, or pressure.

~ MLD is not body sculpting or contouring

~ This is not a miracle cure for anything including weight loss or cellulite

~ MLD is not vigorous work or hard on the skin

Signs you need MLD:

~ swelling in fingers, hands, toes, or feet without direct injury to the area.

~ ears feel like they need to "pop" often

~ lingering fatigue

~ pain in areas of lymph nodes

~ unexplained soreness, especially in the morning

~ constipation

~ chronic sinus congestion or increased allergies

~ upcoming surgery or lingering swelling, bruising post-surgery

~ fibrous breast tissue 

~ frequent headaches or migraines. 

* This is not a complete list so please reach out to discuss your symptoms

** You may need a note from a medical provider before receiving MLD 

Working with Sarah:

~ These are clothes sessions, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Sleeveless tops and shorts are ideal.

~ MLD requires a series of sessions to stimulate, clear, and reset the system so our first 3 sessions will ideally be scheduled over one or two weeks.

~ Sessions include instruction for self-MLD techniques so you can keep the system moving

~ You may need a medical clearance note before we begin work depending on medical conditions and symptoms that bring you to needing MLD

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