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Reiki Treatment

Cranial Alignment Therapy

This is Sarah's very unique blend of healing skills giving attention to the bones of the head and neck with the goal of optimizing their placement and support of each other. Dr John Upledger, DO, OMM did extensive research into the effects of misalignments in these bones and how they created symptoms of chronic pain like migraines, anxiety, sinus congestion, ear issues (infections, tinnitus, excess fluid, etc), and even things what we now call ADHD. He also proved that the cranial bones have movement and how their re-alignment into proper position eases and even eliminates those symptoms. Proper placement of the bone structures allows for the support of the soft tissues of the brain, inner ear, the brain stem, all parts of the spinal cord, and very importantly the glands of the brain. When all this tissue is properly aligned the body can engage the parasympathetic nervous system where your healing ability can function the best. Dr Upledger proved that those symptoms were the body's way of alerting the person that better alignment was needed as well as the success of this gentle work in healing!

What Crainial Alignment is:

~Energetic treatment of the bones and other tissues of the head, face, and neck.

~ The goal of this work is to optimize the position of the alignment of the cranial bones so soft tissue like nerves, veins, arteries, dura mater (covers the brain), meninges layers (cover the spinal cord), and lymph vessels and free fluid can move unrestricted and communicate and function better

~ Gentle treatment and effective technique to ease discomfort and dysfunction of the head, neck, brain, and all the brain helps regulate (the whole body function, your awareness, and perception).

~ This work is based on the Cranial Sacral work of Dr. Upledger, Chinese Medicine theories, Chakra concepts, Kinesiology, Meridian Therapy, and Reiki.

~This is work that is light-pressure contact without oils.


What Cranial Alignment is NOT:

~ This work is not massage! There is no glide, slide, or pressure.

~ Cranial Alignment Therapy is not a replacement for medical care 

~ This is not a miracle cure for anything

~ Like any form of wellness this is not a stand-alone treatment or once-and-done experience. It IS a great addition to a healing practice and a wellness routine. ~ ~ There is not an exceedingly long commitment for treatment, especially when part of a wellness routine. Typically, 5 sessions have clients aligned and ready for maintenance (monthly or semi-yearly) sessions. 

~ This cranial work is not chiropractic and not manual manipulation of tissue


Who can benefit from this work:

My overall intention with this work is to study the effects of Cranail Alignment Therapy on relieving symptoms of ADHD. This work will also benefit those that deal with: 

~ frequent headaches or migraines. 

~ tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

~ ears that feel like they need to "pop" often or feel "full".

~ chronic sinus congestion or increased allergy sensitivity.

~ lingering fatigue

~ brain fog

~ anxiety 

* This is not a complete list so please reach out to discuss your symptoms or questions about how this work can help.


What to expect during a session:

~ These are clothes sessions, so be sure to wear comfortable clothing. 

~ Cranial Alignment Therapy requires a series of sessions to be sure to give all tissue attention and create optimal alignment so appointments will ideally be booked days or a week apart so there is minimal reset of tissue between sessions.

~ Individual sessions are available for purchase after the initial series.

~ Sessions include instruction for gentle awareness of healthier life choices and might include "homework" of QiKong/ stretching/ meditation/ journaling/ etc.

~ Coming in with an open mind is a great practice for any new experience and this is included. This work will be like nothing else you have ever experienced unless you have worked with Restorative Healing before : )

Book your treatments!

Since this is a new service, I am offering introductory pricing! 

Bundle pricing 

Individual Cranial Alignment Sessions are available as follow-up maintenance treatments. Please email with questions or to request a link for booking.

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