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Daily Direction &

to... be worth it!
A Daily Divinity Practice 

Fun, Fast, Insightful!

This downloadable project will bring a new layer to your daily inspiration and help direct your intention. Divinity practices call into the wisdom of faith and offer a tool to harness direction in your healing journey. Once these worksheets are downloaded, next you will cut the phrases out so they are individual strips of paper, fold each of them separately, and put them all into a bowl or container together. Pulling a folded paper out at random calls on the Divine to guide you to exactly what you need in that moment. Each phrase is a "permission" from the Permissions Series first presented on the YouTube channel in Feb of 2022. This continued to evolve after the series and blossomed into this cut and fold project that has been a wonderful resource to all those that have engaged in it. This purchase provides access to download the Permissions to cut and fold PDFs, instructions on how to prepare and use this tool, and a reusable daily journal page to add more guidance to the practice.

This is a new addition and is offered as


You choose your price and The Permissions Series is all yours!

Please make sure to share how you are enjoying the daily practice by shooting me an email or text ~ thank you!

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