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Serene Gradient
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At Peace with Self

A state of mind in Stoic philosophy in which one is free from emotional disturbance.

Plant Shadow

Apocrypheia Live Webinar 

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Full Day of Self-Discovery

One-On-One Virtual Retreat

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October 9th, Noon

Full Day One-on-One session with Sarah

* The number one stumbling block in working with clients is the "not Enough" stories of Not enough time which includes hesitation to commit to a 6 week course let alone 6 months or more.

*How about we change all that and boil it down to one focused day and create a total reset on the mind, body, and spirit!

* Energy Healing is never a once and done experience but total immersion can create a wave of new outcomes and launch positive energy into overdrive

* That is what this virtual retreat is all about! oh yeah... and it's all about your positive vibe, your outcomes, your launch into abundance, joy and happiness! 

* this is one-on-one work targeting your struggles and finding new perspective, finding hope, healing the beliefs that manifest the struggle, and creating a support plan for better routines, healthier habits, and new outcomes of success!

All day from 9am to 5pm with break for lunch and breaks throughout the day.

*7 hours total of work together

Available for booking:  Monday, Wed or Saturday
Plant Shadow

Sarah constantly fills events with students that are amazed at the perspective and wisdom that she can offer to help understand the basic pieces of wellness like problem vs symptom, treatment vs healing, current fad vs innate wisdom, and much much more. She shares tools to support the mind, body, and Spirit connection that are simple and effective as well as nourishing the ability of the body to heal itself. Hundreds of people have benefited from direct work with Restorative Healing, workshops and events, as well as downloadable resources and we can’t wait for you to be the next to experience Sarah’s inspiration and insight in this virtual retreat! Check out the video to learn more and get excited about aligning your healing into high gear and bring your best self forward! 

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What the day looks like:

~ Brief discussion of the struggle that brings you to the work and focus for Apatheia

~ Look into nutrition and what diet structure could support the body the best

~ Assessment of chakras and alignment work

~ Set Goals and positive affirmations

~ Energy work with Restorative Healing to muscle test belief systems and align the energetic imprint to accept the goals and affirmations

~ We will walk through setting up morning routine, evening routines and incorporate meditation time, tapping (EFT), exercise, journaling, mirror work, affirmations, and other pieces of wellness based on individual goals and needs.

~ Back to energy work after setting a routine and checking to see if anything else needs to be released or balanced with systems.

~ We will set up responses and awareness triggers for behavior that is difficult for us to process or engages the stress response. Outline tools to support healing those areas that need healing

~ Plenty of question-and-answer time throughout our day together

~ This work is offered as a Zoom meeting with breaks as needed, time to workshop ideas, journal, etc. There will be a half-hour lunch break.

~ We will have a follow-up session approximately 2 weeks out which will be scheduled before the virtual retreat concludes

Healing Therapy
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