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Restorative Healing with the Body
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Restorative Healing with the Body Code

So much beautiful work comes together for these powerful healing sessions! Inside each of us is a healing machine. Restorative Healing help clients connect to that healing machine and get the gears churning and coming to life. Over the last 5 years of offering this distance healing, it has relieved clients from chronic pain, calmed skin conditions, stimulated digestion, erased night terrors, contributed to fertility success, even healing a horse suffering from shoulder paralysis, and reigned in clients' six-figure financial goals! Sounds wild but it is proven more and more the power our subconscious mind has over everything in our reality. If it believes strongly in emotion, a bad day, or a limiting belief... then that is the reality we will live. This affects our relationships, our financial situations, our health, and our dreams.  The work that comes together during these sessions combines all the healing tools Sarah has gathered in the last 25 years. Modalities like Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emotion Code Healing, Kinesthetic Testing (muscle testing), Emotional Freedom Technique, Mirror Work, the magic of Ho'Oponopono, Chakra Balancing, and more.

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Individual Sessions

Restorative Healing

one-on-one | 45 minute session

Get to the root of chronic pain and reset limiting beliefs with Restorative Healing!

In-person session $115

Zoom/phone session $115 

Release chronic pain, calm anxiety, find more restful sleep, improve your financial flow, find and grow self-love, self-worth & self-honor, establish focus, and empower your healing!

Restorative Healing is now available as an in-office session or as distance healing (zoom or phone call). Sessions are also now available to purchase individually for easy, convenient, affordable additions to your regular wellness routine. Click the buttons below to purchase and schedule your session today. 

Learn more about this service, how it supports healing, and connect to booking a session by clicking here!

Learn more about this service, how it supports healing, and connect to booking a session by clicking here!

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Shear Paradise Spa

Shear Paradise Spa


Looking for the ultimate experience in relaxation? Check out the variety of services available at Shear Paradise Spa, Owego, NY. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with time in this amazing space with Sarah an the other talented providers! Can't wait to see you here

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Wondering what this work is like?
Here is a recorded Restorative Healing Session for Financial Flow 

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