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My Truth ~ The Body is a Healing Machine

Yes! Even yours

Believe it or not ~ YOU got this

More importantly ~ WE got this 

I believe in your health more than I believe in your lack of ease (dis-ease).

I believe in your success more than I believe in your struggle.

I believe in your flow more than I believe in your pain. 

I know without doubt Mindsets and Habits built your focus and your thought patterns and contribute to everything that is in your awareness ~ everything!

What else I know to be true is that you are already whole, you are already enough, and you are already everything great you want to be but don't know how.

The magic key to your healing ~ I can't believe more than YOU

More of the truth...

I love working with awesome people like you and helping them align focus, notice habits, adjust beliefs, clear emotional baggage, balance energy so they can find new direction, make gains on the path of life and identify & attract what they truly want. 

Why do I believe this? I have been there and I have done that ~ I have been on the struggle bus and thought things like: it was making me a better person somehow, no pain no gain, someone has to be on the bus, if not me then who, it's not so bad...

 I share a little about my story below

What Matters To Me

One word ~ Empowerment

Stop handing over your focus, your healing power, and your story of success to others that do not help you grow your health.

I believe that each one of us should feel empowered in our health and our healing.

Only you can heal you! Be sure to be inviting in people and situations that optimize your environment for healing. This is everything including personal relationships, employment, hobbies, living space, conventional medicine, and non-traditional healing. Only you can heal you and only you can regulate the environment of healing. That never gets old for me to say that. It is 110% true and it is 110% Empowering!

Anything that I add to my routine, nourishment, or my long or short-term healing goals has full focus on optimizing my environment for healing. My body will take care of the rest but it is very true that sometimes injury or dis-ease needs some outside factors added in for support. 

Think of a scratch on your arm or even something as severe as a broken bone, your body is a healing machine. As soon as those things happen, the healing machine kicks on and begins the healing process. Bones may need to be reset, pinned together even but those interventions are optimizing the environment to heal ~ your body is doing the healing... not the screws, not the surgery. Those things set you up for optimum healing and are VERY IMPORTANT but your body is healing itself.

You are healing right now. Some cells in your body are being replaced, your bones are forming new scaffolding, and your immune system is doing what it feels is best for you, performing the best it can perform. 

When you have an issue, no matter how big or how small, your focus should be on empowering the change or the healing and getting things back on track. It's easier sometimes to obsess about the problem (look at it, worry over it, tell everyone how bad it is, gather others that have the same issue, etc.) instead of empowering yourself with the solutions. Optimizing the healing journey. Find supports to keep you focused on getting through. Gathering others that have come out the other side or are as committed to getting to the other side as you are. 

Only YOU can heal YOU!

Listed Practitioner:

Professional Background

Above all else, my most valued education has come from my own experiences. I have been there and done that and have fallen in love with my scars. Every modality that I teach, use, and incorporate into work with clients, I have used on myself during my journey. It has become me and I have become me through weaving my story together with these empowering healing techniques.

Here is the list and later are some stories:



Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, 2017

Certified Coach, Hay House Training with Denise Linn, 2017

Certified Clutter Clearing Feng Shui, 2017


Training and Ongoing Study:

Invisible Service Wounds, PTSD Training with Crouse Hospital, 2019

Reiki Practitioner, Usui System training with Lisa Powers, 2020

Blood Type Based Eating Support, 2002

Louis Hay's Mirror Work

Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, or EFT. Training and study with the Nick & Jessica Ortner team.

Huna Healing

Huna Healing with Ho'Oponopono

Meridian Therapies: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Meridian Massage, Reflexology,

Organ Resonance, Emotional Connections to Trapped Trauma and their affects on Health.

Chakra Balancing

Kinesthetic Testing

Intuitive Healing

Clairvoyant Readings

Meditation Theory and Techniques

Breath Work for Releasing Emotional Energy

The Healing Power of Journaling


Board Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist, Finger Lakes School of Massage, 2013 graduate


My Stories:

So, earlier I mentioned stories and it feels important to highlight some moments in healing that stand out to me. First, I'd like to share the experience that began my journey into Holistic Healing a few decades ago... the anxiety attack that helped set me free! This is a video that I did a while ago but it does a nice job of sharing the whole story. 

I was feeling like a total mess: ->

Getting through the night

black and white photo of a child sleeping

Working with my son ~ night terrors:

During my first level of training, my son was dealing with night terrors that would scare his sister and me to the bone with fear just about every night. We would wake up to my 4-year-old screaming and crying, his eyes open, his body sweating, fully engaged in living out a nightmare. My daughter was only 3 so she had a hard time understanding what was going on. I would have to be comforting her and trying to soothe him for hours while going through my internal panic. Doctors did not have answers. Holistic remedies helped make them less frequent but did not explain them, help them or stop them. I decided to work on him as part of the training that I needed to complete to get certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner. It took one session, my son received ONE session of energy healing and he never had a night terror again. As a bonus ~ A month or so later, I happen to notice his fingers when we were coloring and for the first time in his 4 years, he had grown in fingernails. The Energy Healing somehow also reset that unconscious habit and he had quit biting his fingernails!

The Pain in The Neck:

My lifelong chronic neck pain:

Since childhood, I have dealt with chronic neck pain. As I have gotten older the pain seemed to come more regularly and more severely. In Oct 2013 I was in an automobile crash that further compromised my neck, fracturing parts of the vertebrae. This created intense spasms that would result in migraines, immobility of the neck and shoulders, vomiting from pain, and severely decreased movement of my neck and decreased function of me! During a training Dr. Brad Nelson was offering on chronic pain, I was the "demo" (recipient of energy work to demonstrate its positive effects). We released 3 trapped emotions in this 10-minute session, which all related to Heartache. My subconscious mind believed that my heart was broken by these emotions and the ache of my neck was from the “break”. The energy work released the emotions that were trapped and we used imagery to weave my heart back to whole…. And just like that, after 10-15 minutes of work, my neck muscles loosened, I could move my head, and I had no pain though I started the session valuing my pain on the scale as a 7 or 8... it was down to ZERO!  That was 7 years ago and the spasming has never returned.

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