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A guided journal


Are you ready to take a few moments of each day and look inward at what your body is trying so hard to tell you? In each struggle we experience, there is stored knowledge in our bodies. This guided journal will help set up the conversation your body and subconscious mind have been waiting to engage in! Find out what story your body has that is contributing to the chronic sore neck or low back pain, why is it so hard to stay in a relationship or to make money and keep it in your wallet? All of it has a story and once you are connected to that story, you can take control of it. Turn the trauma into wisdom that moves you into better relationships that support your goals, ease of the body that energizes your days, clear mind that can focus and produce!

What's inside

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7 days to recognize journal downloadable worksheet

It's what's inside that counts...
so let's talk a little about what's in those journal pages!

Plant Shadow
7 layers  and
7 Days of Discovery!
New work Everyday!
Series of 9 videos to accompany the journal for extra guidance and understanding
check out the
Introductory Video
Gentle questions, gentle uncovering!
Profound changes can come
with gentle work​
Journal is set up, so you fill in the blank areas with what issue you wish to discover your background story about. Connect to anything from backache to relationship struggle.​
Recognize the story in any
aspect of your life!​
Use it as many times
as you want!​
Because of the general setup, 7 Days to Recognize, Guided Journal can be used over and over. Choose one day or go through the whole 7-day cycle. Use it! Enjoy it!

Just $19

Flower Shadow

Journal & 
One-One Session!
Get the VIP bundle!

Get the most out of your time with the journal and connect with Sarah for a One on One session of Restorative Healing to release the patterns, and limiting beliefs, so you can align better to where you WANT to be!

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