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Conquering Chronic Pain


Growing, learning, unfolding... it's always better together! The 7-Day Guided Journal is looking to do all of those things and this special offer invites the togetherness

Get the 7-Day Guided Journal, videos for guidance, and a one-on-one session of Restorative Healing to thoroughly clear the energy blocking you from your ability to THRIVE! 

Project Details
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VIP Details

Discover answers to questions you have about your chronic pain with this Guided Journal.

Why doesn't "anything" help? Why is the pain in the area it is in? Why doesn't medical imaging or other testing show anything?

The short answer: Our bodily tissue is intelligent and expressive of emotion, especially trapped emotions and trauma.​

Let's explore this together with the 7 Days to Recognize Journal

What you get with this package

  • The 22-page journal to download

  • link to the webpage with videos for guidance for the daily work

  • a booking link to schedule your one-on-one, Restorative Healing session anytime over the next 30 days

  • motivation and guidance from videos you can watch as many times as you need. 

  • direct access to me for support whenever you need it

  • a safe community to share your successes and your struggles

  • awesome tool for understanding your body in a new way

  • much, much more! 

Get the Journal!

Signing up for this product, you will get the current version of the workbook and please know that there is an updated version that will be out later this summer. Thanks to feedback from journal users in the last few months this new version willbe better than ever and rest assured you will get that newest version emailed to you as soon as it's available. Both of these versions are digital downloads and can be used over and over!

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Reach out anytime with questions

At any time during your work with the journal, you are welcome to email or text me with questions or guidance. I will get back to you within 24 hrs and most likely within just a few. 

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Watch the videos

You will have 9 videos to watch for guidance on using the journal. These include an introduction and overview, a daily discussion for each day, as well as a closing summary video. These are available to you all at once on a hidden webpage so you can watch them as often as you need as you work through each exercise.

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Share your successes

Have an AH-HA moment during this journey? We would love to know about it. Please email me at and include your permission to share the story if you would like it to be a testimonial for others. Please help spread the word by spreading your success and AH-HAs!


Schedule you One-on-One Restorative Healing Session

It's one thing to have a breakthrough,dis-cover some energetic pattern, but then a whole nother thing to start a new struggle trying to let that pattern go. How about we skip over that last part and connect with a one on one session so you can have the support of a healer to shed the energy so you can pass through that threshold and embrace a new level of healing! This product comes with a full session of one on one Restorative Healing (which means Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Intuitive Healing, and Clarvoient guidance all rolled up in the session!)

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How to becom a VIP
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