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Online Class

Lunch, Learn

& Align!

April 24th, Noon -1pm


How this shapes (and limits) our outcomes


Come join us to have a fun conversation and connection! This event will offer time for sharing, Q & A, lecture, and a group Restorative Healing Session.

$20 to attend

Save your seat today for this online event!

April Live Streams:

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Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Sarah and enjoy this small group, safe space to share experiences, ask questions, and support one another on our journey towards a more peaceful and regulated experience with the emotion of Anxiety.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding anxiety and its impact

  • Identifying triggers and patterns

  • Practical techniques for managing anxiety

  • Building resilience and self-confidence

  • Interactive practice and question times through out the class

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September Class Photo Gallery:

Free Community Class

Topic: Meditation

We will de-mystify the mystical experience of mediation. You will learn simple ideas to find focus and enjoy practice to help ease chronic pain.​

Those that attend the class will receive instruction on how this can help with low back pain, headaches, neck pain, and anxiety. There will be time to ask questions about other areas that are of concern for those that attend. Bring a recording device so you can record personalized meditation specific to the support you need!

Learn what it really takes to start meditating today.

Candor Free Library, 4:30 pm start to this 90-minute class.

Meditation Class

Smilie faces of students and teacher at Meditation Class!

Demonstration of activity
All Classes, Presentations, and Workshops include visuals and activities to help present concepts so they process in the mind with a deep level of understanding

Photo by Anne Stout

Sarah Misson teaching class

In this photo, Sarah exudes a sense of calm and wisdom as she engages in a discussion about Pieces of Wellness topic of the month which is  "Meditation"

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Anxiety Support
Monthly Workshop

empowered woman
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Other Event Information

Guest Speaker
at your event

Taming the Dragon of Anxiety

This was the 1st workshop in the Inflammation Series and has become the most requested, the most repeated and the best attended so far!
Do you have a group or an event that you would like this presentation part of? This has been offered to the public during workshops and moved into private presentations with a wellness center, youth program, women's group, and yoga group. Let me know if you have a gathering that would value learning 5 ways to tame the dragon of anxiety!

Monthly Anxiety Support Workshop

  • Once a month offering

  • Last Friday of each month

  • Workshop style presentation

  • Focused work on anxiety support

  • Low-cost event ~ $20 suggested donation to attend

  • Learn techniques and tools to use at home or work

  • One-on-one energy work available to volunteer as a demo during the workshop. 

  • In-person event

  • RSVP because space is limited


The 1st Tuesday of each month is a live stream on Align with Sarah YT channel. Ask questions, interact with information on the current months themes or relax and listen to 15 to 20 minute discussion with positive, inspiring, and empowering perspective.

Link to past live streams!

Sarah is available to speak to your group, no matter what the size!

It feels magical to share the precious commodity of time with an attentive audience and would love to be part of your next health fair, wellness day at the office, support group speaker, or private gathering. Shoot me an email and let's get connected on the calendar! 

Conference Meeting
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