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Yay! Freebies : )

~ You're welcome ~

Thanks for taking the time to check out the freebies. These change regularly so make sure to grab what looks awesome and check back here regularly to see what is new. Any questions or tech issues, please reach out to me with an email.

Plant Shadow

5 Minutes to Better You

5 Minutes to Better You is a free, self-guided program where Sarah shares quick and effective self-care techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Discover simple ways to reduce stress, boost your mood, and improve your overall well-being. Don't miss out on this opportunity to prioritize yourself!

Om Pose

100 Days, Counting with Love FREE

100 days tracksheet

So much can happen in a day or a moment which is why I am so excited to multiply that by at least 100!! (and beyond) These 100 days are our opportunity for growth, reflection, and transformation. Are you in?

100 Days, Counting with Love worksheet is AVAILABLE NOW!  Click below to get your free copy today

100 Days, Counting with Love

Daily Gratitude Journal 

This worksheet is set up to track your daily gratitude list. There are three guided steps to get you on your daily list.  . There is also a small space at the bottom for tracking other information about the accomplishment.  This extra info can be things like the date completed, reminders, how long that task took to complete OR you can grow some love and inspiration and write in an emotion that describes how your feel about your accomplishment!! 

gratitude journal screenshot
Daily Gratitude Journal
RH Session Prep Sheets

Restorative Healing Session
Prep Sheets

This worksheet is set up to track progress on your transformative 45-60-minute wellness journey, where guided meditation, interactive healing, journaling, and relaxing activities converge to create a harmonious experience of self-discovery and growth. There are questions on the sheet about the progress you've made while going through sessions and getting ready for your upcoming appointment. This worksheet can be used as journaling pages outside of Restorative Healing work so it is offered here as a free download for everyone. 

prep sheet partial pic
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