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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

2 Week Tweak

Feel like your rhythm might be off a little? Maybe it is misaligned with your goals, too fast-paced or feeling stagnated, or maybe it is beating to the rhythm of frustration, suffering, disappointment or any other negative emotion. Well it is time to reset!!

Here is the 2 Week Tweak that I am creating for the second half of August 2022. The goal is to reset my subconscious mind and create a fresh and focused rhythm of positive energy. 

Each day I will focus on a few simple (simple does not mean easy!) tasks while continually reflecting on how I feeling, what I am allowing my focus to be, and what I am attracting into my life.

Please join me to sample my perspective on healing and enjoy the benefits of this work I am so passionate about!

Here is that journey below:

2 Week Tweak
Reset the Rhythm of the
Subconscious Mind

Day 12
Day 14
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