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To Infinity & Beyond: Gaining A Positive Mindset

This hallway is similar to our infinite options of how to see our journey
Infinite Thresholds Infinite Options

I am so infinitely glad you are here with me to take this journey. All of them, and any of them, but especially this one. Together we can infinitely grow by gaining on positive mindset.

Let’s start here:

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a beloved astrophysicist and he is easily found online sharing his thoughts on all kinds of random things. I recently heard him share his concept of infinity and how there are different sizes of infinity! I know... So exciting to think about! I love remembering him on TV when I was younger and even back then, I loved his wonder and it mesmerized me. He has chaos in his mind but it also keeps order. The wildness of his train of thought and the surrender he has to the randomness is possibly something that I aspire to. It would be so infinitely fun to have a conversation with him and see what pieces of life we could bend and meld and what sparks of thoughts we could foster into stars or universes! Here is a link to that Joe Rogan and Dr deGrasse Tyson's interview on YT if you are curious about that.

Let’s get into our own list of unequal infinities.

What can you fill in to complete these lists?

Infinite productivity:

Infinite struggle:

Infinite wonder:

Infinite love:

Infinite frustration:

Infinite strength:

There are infinite variations of anything that you put down (even if you put one answer) to fill in those prompts. As an example, an answer to the first prompt for me would be a deadline! That makes me exponentially productive. A variation of that would be a close deadline, a deadline 3 days away, a deadline other people know about, a public commitment deadline, a deadline one person knows about… I imagine that you get the picture by now. So those infinite variations can be imagined in an incredibly long visual. And I am wondering if you can expand your answers like my example. Are all those “infinities” the same size for you?

When I speak to clients about problems they are having, it sometimes seems like an infinite list with infinite variations. The list of the happy stuff, the gratitude stuff, the hope kinda stuff often compares to a much smaller Infinity.

Where are attention goes, that grows.

There is value in venting problems but the experience should be tethered with an intention. Dump baby dump but know that once it is over it is over… once you are done, I am not picking up anything other than the threads of information that anchor us to where healing is calling our name. The load we bear is lighter when we get the frustration, sadness, and other negative emotions off our chest but if we are talking to someone that wants to pick it up and then add their story, it can compound the load with more energy. Energy that grows the crappy story. The negative energy is growing, not being unloaded. There is another experience to think about on the other end of the spectrum. Trying to take away someone's story/ complaint/disgruntledness before they are ready. Trying to offer a silver lining perspective or (the never helpful) comment of “that’s not so bad…” the person just might start growing the issue to convince you of how bad it is, how now one can help, it really is as hopeless as they “know” it is. This shows up in my mind as a tug of war. They are holding the rope that represents the problem. Someone/ thing tries to take it away and it becomes a challenge to dig in and keep pulling until someone is in the mud face down. Spoiler alert, no one wins when we don’t meet others where they are. Until they want to be somewhere else, you will have to meet them in their current mindset. Be the change you want to see in the world, in people, in existence, in the infinite magic of the Universe.

I can go on and on (into infinity!) very easily but I am consciously making the Infinity blog not infinite. I hope that you will fill in some of your own thoughts with the following abbreviated thoughts.

The opposite of infinite is finite. Finite means that it stops. You can keep a finite number of books on the shelf. If you put too many it will fall down, or you simply don’t have any more room to fit another. In some places in our mind, body, and Spirit there are infinite expanses, and in other places it is finite.

Where do you have finite space in your mind? Where is it open to infinite wonder and knowledge?

Same with your body and the Spirit? Where do these feel infinite and where do they close off to a finite experience?

Are there people you offer infinite energy to? How about finite?

What do you do when you hit the finite point?

We should have a finite point with many things and one of them is a functional threshold for pain. Emotional, physical, mental, it doesn’t matter. Pain means stop. Pain means: pay attention to what is hurting you and adjust what you are doing to create an environment that will allow the pain to be healed.

Create an environment to listen to the pain.

Create an environment that allows the pain to heal.

Only you can heal you. I am passionate about reminding people of this hard-core fact. Find others who believe in that and foster the environment for you to heal you.

I was just listening to Brene Brown’s book, Atlas of the Heart, and she mentioned friendship and how a true and thriving friendship is a relationship between people who fuel each other’s flames of hope/love and never try to put each other's flame out. I LOVE THIS!! I imagine the infinite, reciprocal, and nourishing thoughts of each flame protecting the other's from the wind. Enjoying the warmth of each other. Sharing warmth of each other. Coming together when you are both not burning bright, so a path might still be visible.

Love is infinite energy.

Fear is finite energy.

All emotions boil down to either love or fear.

What do you do when you run out of room for more pain, more frustration, more struggle, or anything?

Do you look to “buy another storage tote” so to speak? Look for another place to store it.

Do you sift through each detail of pain, frustration, and struggle, just to remember more of it?

Do you throw everything (including the good stuff) out of your life?

Do you shut down?

Do you ask for more strength?

If you do ask for more strength, I have this to share. Sometimes we are living in resistance, meaning surrounded by people, places, and things that go against what we believe in or desire. We live in this place and it allows us to feel our strength. Without the right perspective, this might seem productive or even positive. The resistance allows us to feel strength but it is also a sign that nothing is supporting you. So... How do you grow? What else can you hold onto but the resistance? How do you reach for your dreams? What would it be like if there was a pillar in your life taking pressure off you? Does it validate your dreams to be in the resistance? What is the infinite opportunity?

There is no correct answer to anything above. Yes… you guessed it there are infinite options! LOL, but you might not have guessed that no answer is exactly right or wrong. Our behavior, our answers, and our thoughts are just expressions of where we are in the moment. Sometimes we are too close to get a good assessment. This is the value of a friend that fuels the beneficial fire of healing. This is the value of a practitioner or support person who believes in your health and sees you holding onto a rope but doesn’t want to pull on it. A practitioner that will help you realize the rope. Then realize both of your hands are on it. Help you realize that only you are holding onto the rope, the struggle, the frustration, the bad day and only you can let it go. Someone to work with you to feel safe enough to let it go and walk away and find the path of your dreams while nourishing your flame of infinite growth and joy.

There is infinite greatness in each and every one of us.

Our breaking point is also our blooming point.

The cracks might just be where that greatness is trying to shine through.

Please make room for your greatness

Give it more than just a crack

You are part of the light this world has been waiting for to shine

Offering You Infinite (and Endless) Love & Gratitude!

~ Sarah

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