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Harvesting Passion

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Wash those dishes like never before!

Several years ago there was a game called The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon that was a spinoff from the Six Degrees of Separation Theory. Just recently there was some extra research on how connected we really are to each other using social media data and the concept of six degrees of separation came up again and it actually has a lot of validity. Here's a link to the article if you want to check out the research.

The reason I bring this up is this month's piece of wellness ~ passion. If we have this proof that humankind is connected in six degrees or less, I wonder if we can take a moment and look at our lives and see how connected we are to our passions.

The number one question that would arise is do you know what your passion is? Followed closely by others like ~ Do you know the things that make you happy? Do you know the dreams that you want to come true? How well do you know them... like the details and the nitty gritty.. and how often are you connected to that passion?

So let's take this concept of six degrees and apply it to life and all the tasks of the day and Passion. How is shuffling cats and dogs connected to my passion? Well, I guess it matters what my passion is. One of them is running a home that includes happy and well-cared-for individuals (kids, dogs, cats, chickens... Oh yeah, and me!)

The simple task of the outside cat coming in and out, the inside cat staying inside, and the big dog getting his exercise but staying in his designated places, is one degree away from my passion for my home to be full of love. There is a key ingredient of intention and attitude/ emotion/ mood that the task is approached with. My passion for my work is two or maybe three degrees away from shuffling the animals. While it's not directly related, it falls in line pretty closely with my passion for work and helping others overcome chronic pain or enjoy an awesome life. Moving on to things like dishes and housework, ummmm not so much my favorite things! So it takes a little more effort to connect those things to a passion so it can feel like I am connected and nourishing passions as much as possible.

It takes a large mental effort for me to complete those tasks and when I connect them to a bigger picture of how it's part of my passion to have a clean kitchen to foster positive Qi with Feng Shui, it gives me motivation and momentum. The closer I can tell a story directly relating to why I need to wash the dishes and clean the house with any passion or any goal makes it easier to do the things I don't want to do. If it was 6 degrees away, well there would just be no way it was going to happen to consistently see the bottom of the sink or get the dusting done.

In the last few months, I have been very open and very clear about my financial goals and my focus on creating flow with this area of my life. I tie that into the cleaning of my home and relate it to good Qi reflection in my kitchen, which is the area that houses the financial power. Now the dishes and counters and floors and stove seem like they are one or two degrees away from my major goal. It's no longer just about cleaning the stuff cause I'm supposed to. There is purpose and passion.

Recently, like the day that I was finalizing the write-up on this blog, I had an amazing experience celebrating my growth and my personal development success. It was definitely a weird experience and that was the only way I could describe it in the moment and event later in the day when I shared the interaction with a few other people. I still feel like it's the predominant description 12 hours later. This experience came from a lengthy application and interview process that I was going through as I was requesting to be a speaker at an international conference for women coming up in March of next year. The interviewer was very engaged in my story and my professionalism and at the end of the hour she admitted that she was on the fence about offering me a speaker spot or not. Her ultimate decision was "no" and her feedback as to why easily qualifies as a moment I think I am going to remember for a very long time, maybe the rest of my life. I truly had a feeling in my chest, just right of center, that I was going to get a speaking role in the event and I really thought I nailed the interview. My interviewer though said she had a really big hang-up with my lack of eye contact during the Zoom interview. My immediate response was "That is so interesting! No one has ever given me that feedback before" which immediately launched me into thinking mode.. which pushed me into staring at random things while the wheels turned in my head processing the information. This meant I immediately began to have even less eye contact and was super self-conscious about it because now I was conscious about it and that's when it all tipped over into "weird". We did have a brief conversation about how awkward Zoom meetings are and how it's hard to ever know things like do I look at her, do I look at me, should I stare at the camera and feel like I'm looking at no one! In the end, the feedback about the lack of eye contact came with a life-changing comment. She said she felt fairly certain that it was connected with a lack of confidence that might compromise the experience I would offer on stage in front of the podium. As stated before, this is one of the first times anyone has ever offered that feedback, the lack of confidence. I did not resist and this was a moment of pride for me and recognition of where I was on my healing journey. I thanked her pretty repeatedly for the whole experience of the application process and the extensive effort that the organization's team goes through to find good speakers for a great event. There were over 1,500 applicants for the 50 speaking spots and I did all the work and made all the cuts and was one of 300 who got the chance to interview. Not all of those moved forward into the interview as well. So it felt like a win and it felt like I had a lot of growth even reaching out and applying and going through the process that landed me the interview. There was so much to be thankful for, right up to the last moments. So what to do with this weird feeling, this weird feedback, this weird experience of the no eye contact and the lack of confidence? So of course, like everything else, I get on my phone and text Beth! : ) And I have a happier feeling inside and feel something growing. This interviewer offered me this feedback that back in the day would have launched me into what I can now identify as a closed mindset or an ego-driven response. This would be a mind loop of thoughts of why I was right and she was wrong.Stringing along examples of how I do have confidence and my eye contact is fine. But my response was so much different. I saw her as the professional she was holding the role of vetting people to make sure they were ready to be visible and ready to speak to a large audience and tell their story. So the growth mindset, the incredible strides that I've made in my personal development really shine through and I said to myself (out loud) what about this lack of confidence? Can I find this in examples or places in my life? Could this be the answer to the question I just journaled about the night before? I was working on what I thought was in the way of my financial flow. The last thing on my list on my brainstorming page was a prayer asking for the opportunity to connect to what was in my way and what I have not been able to see yet. Twelve short hours after I wrote that I was getting feedback from Abigail that I took to heart. What if the 20 or 25 years of work that I've just been doing for my personal growth and healing was clearing the path or digging out this figurative giant boulder that is really a lack of confidence or insecurity of some kind? What if the last 45 years were all part of the effort of clearing everything downstream of this Boulder? What if now all my effort goes into exploring and finding confidence and healing the places in my life where I lacked confidence? I can imagine that this is the thing that's jamming up the (also figurative) stream for me for the financial flow! This connection is more valuable to me than winning that speaker spot and spending 7 months preparing for my presentation. I see so many things in my life now that do lack the confident voice that they deserve. I do feel like I have a confident voice inside me but I feel like it doesn't have its own voice. Like having a balloon but it's not inflated. Or having all four tires on the truck but no air to fill them. So it's time to take up that space, fill those tires, get the truck going in four-wheel drive, and go right up over any mountain or wherever else I want! I want that Boulder out of the way! I want that financial stream flowing!

So very clearly my new passion is exploring this confidence piece that has been missing. Passion in nourishing that and fostering the destruction of that freaking Boulder! I don't want my efforts to be six degrees away from my confidence passion and with this Boulder demolition. I want this one degree or less away from all the tasks of my day. Confidence in washing the dishes you betcha! I am confident that is going to take me 10 minutes or less and I'm going to move on with my freaking life and it's not going to be a big deal! I want the feng shui flow. I want the time I would have spent hemming and haw-ing over motivation about the dishes back so I can spend it on developing a product that I can't wait to sell. I am confident that I can take a look at my house room by room, area by area, and tap into confidence and clear clutter and find clarity. Maybe I can even sell some of the stuff and make a little money. I am confident that the experience of decluttering my home is going to be difficult but incredibly enlightening and nourishing to the experience of finding confidence in other areas. This decluttering push through my comfort zone to explore confidence will in turn nourish confidence. I'm confident that the feng shui of a clean home will be easier to maintain with a less cluttered home with a more direct message. I am confident that my one-day virtual retreat will finally come to fruition and be a product that I offer in the next week because I am confident that my resistance to developing it was a reflection of the lack of confidence that I used to have. My prayer was answered and I had the mindset to hear the answer and allow it to invite me into a new leg of my personal development journey that feels so promising my heart is full of excitement.

Before we are done I have to ask ~ Have you ever gotten some feedback that had you shaking your head thinking "What a jerk" or left you with a mind full of thoughts about why they are wrong and you are right? Maybe, just maybe, it might be worth a gentle revisit to the feedback to just take a little look behind the curtain of the gift they may have offered you.

Look for some changes coming to the website!

Look for your passion!

Look to bring that passion into as many aspects of your daily routine as you possibly can and make sure it is as close as it can possibly be. Find the attitude, the motivation, and the fire that will feed the passion!

And as always please let me know how it goes!

I am Sarah Misson and I offer alternative healing services to anyone that is passionate about understanding their chronic pain and finding resources for relief. I would love you to be part of my practice with restorative healing, massage at the spa, as a viewer of the YouTube channel, or even downloadable resources that can change your life! I look forward to seeing you soon!

Wishing you endless Love and gratitude! ~Sarah

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