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Find the Big Magic

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

We are surrounded by magic every day. Little magic and big magic and the more we look for it the more we can see many levels of it in all things. It feels like big magic to me that we are already beginning the month of June. The concept of time is magic. The concept of belief is magic. The concept of a human is magic.

We are conditioned to let go of that magic that runs the basic things that make up our bodies. We are taught to believe that theories are facts. They are just ideas that try to explain magic, in my opinion. How a muscle contracts, why the heart beats, where that electric pulse comes from to charge a thought, how cerebral spinal fluid works... science and the medical community don't know the answers to these things (and more). They are all theories because it is all just magic we don't understand or can't explain. Magic or theory, whichever word you choose is up to you.

Have you ever seen magician magic? Possibly a street performer, recorded performances on TV or YouTube, or a paid production of a live show? It's all really an amazing experience. Something happens and we can't explain it, part of us might not care, part of us might want answers... But in the moments of the unexplained, it's all just magic. The way the hand moved. The slight of perception. Piece by piece it may or may not hold up but overall the whole thing can be pretty amazing, even if you are peeking behind the curtain to see behind the scenes.

We are constantly given examples of big magic in nature and I feel they are offered as examples to live by. The egg never doubts whether it's going to be a bird, or whether it deserves to break through that shell. The caterpillar emerges from its egg without question and then in turn surrenders into becoming a butterfly. Nature just allows that big magic to flow into it and through it and out of it whether it's plants or animals or the ecosystem in between.

So how do we slip into that flow of big magic as a human, when we tend to feel confused about our place on this Earth and in nature?

What if we focus on the transition from the concept of treatment and see it as an effort in healing? Or how would it feel if we looked for what feels good, what progress we have made versus what hurts and what's still on the to-do list? What if we believed in miracles and treated our life like it was one? What if we noticed these things a little more, listened with our hearts, and shifted into something new? Do any of these things feel like they can brew up some big magic for you? They sure do sound like magic makers to me!

Here comes that recipe for powerful personal growth that keeps leading the way for me. Noticing, listening, shifting. I can't help but feel like it might open up the possibility for that sparkly cloud of big magic to arrive in my heart and awaken the best in me and help it shine as brightly as it can.

And more big magic is believing that we can shine even brighter at any moment. Everyone can shine bright at the same time too! There's not a competition for a limited amount of awesome that's out there. We can all have as much as we want. I promise you there's not a shortage of big magic, or little magic either. There is enough for us to scoop it up with both hands, for us to share it, for us to grow it.

So for this month, our theme is Big Magic and I invite you to look around and find big magic and let it inspire you.

Maybe start with nature and ask some questions like: Where did those leaves come from on that maple tree? How did they know when to arrive? How do they know they're a leaf and not a helicopter? Look at the plants, look at the animals, and try to imagine the magic that brought that thing to this moment in its existence. That same magic is in you! That Big Magic that made you, the one-in-a-million miracle flesh and blood of you, and that Big Magic is waiting to shine and sparkle and grow.

What if you explored more and moved to more personal reflection: What am I noticing that feels great in my body? What growth do I want to see in my life? Do I believe that growth has to be incremental? Can it just show up tomorrow? Why or why not? Do I believe I'm worth it?

The biggest of all big magic is your dreams and your goals. Remember you are not in charge of the how with that dream. Just the 'what' of the dream. Let the magic take over and bring you the opportunities and the awareness to notice them.

Big Magic is waiting. Let's get to it!

Wishing you endless Love and gratitude! ~Sarah Love this positive outlook on life? Want to feel more inspired? Please check out some other Blog Posts Instagram @SarahMissonLifeAlignment

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