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Filling in Summer

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The calendar offers us regular holidays including many celebrating hallway points. The solstice, equinox, and here we are at another halfway celebration, the beginning of the 7th month of the calendar ~ so begins the 2nd half of the year!

When I think of summer, I think of filling in. The garden is going crazy by now with established transplants and other plants that make it hard to believe they were all tucked inside seeds just 2 months ago. How did all that potential life just arrive here in my yard and I could not actually see any of it happening. I noticed the changes but seeing is not for the naked eye. Nature trusts and responds. Notices and allows. Breathes and expands without doubt. Then it fills in with growth.

There is no way to prove what I am about to say but never the less I am going to say this with confidence:

There is not one thing in my garden (or the whole yard) that feels like it is half dead.

When I look at the raspberries they are just growing and unfolding and even shooting up new canes. These new canes most likely won’t mature to the fruiting stage by the fall… or maybe they will… I don't know what will happen. That raspberry root doesn’t know either and sure as heck does not care. It just says to itself “This is what I am doing now”. This opportunity is here now. This is time to push and grow and fill in. This is what I see with all the plants and the crazy number of chickens that are back there... close to 50 of them! Yikes! They are broken into 3 different flocks because they are all different breeds. They are all in different stages of growth but they all seem to know ~ This is time to fill in with growth and trust.

Moving on into the second half of this year, I would like to focus each month on an aspect of wellness. Things like mindset, habits, and nourishment. These are words that I use quite often and if you see posts on social media, I use these words in hashtags on almost every post. I am looking forward to filling in those simple words with growth and trust as we learn more about them in the months to come. July will focus on Alignment! This rises to the top of the list of wellness aspects because it has risen to the top of many lists that I have made, and it is such an important key to wellness I chose it for building the name of my alternative healing practice ~ Align with Sarah.

Alignment means many things when thinking of the physical function of the body. Let’s take the spine for example.

When the spine is aligned:

~ it increases the likelihood of nerves functioning at their best

~ muscles have a proper angle of pull

~ optimal posture occurs so organs have room

~ organs and organ systems can be aligned

~ organs and organ systems can arrange and locate where they are meant to be

You are able to notice slight changes to these alignments if you live in the state of optimal alignment. This means you can heal the issues showing up as they arrive and slightly offset your alignment and bring you back to balance, also called homeostasis.

The spine can be misaligned for an endless number of reasons creating backache, chronic pain, shoulder, and arm pain, even headaches, and breathing issues. Interesting fact, more of those reasons for misalignment are energetic or emotionally related to the disfunction than the cause-and-effect process of physical injury. Why is that weakness there in the first place? Why was it that rib that broke or that toe that got bumped? Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Reiki, and practices of Divinity believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Everything happens just the way it is supposed to. Here is a great example, if you are not feeling supported emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, or in any other way, your body will express that in an energetic weakness of the lower back. Ancient wisdom associates lower back weakness, inability to find strength in the lower back, chronic lower back pain, and spinal misalignments (back “going out”) with the emotional need for feeling support. The mind and spirit are expressing physically using the body. Kind of interesting to think about, isn’t it?

In the work setting the pain back there, making you grimace when you stand (or sit) might be the lack of support you feel from co-workers as much as it is your posture at the desk… BUT that posture might feel difficult to maintain because the area is weak and unnourished from lack of support in your environment. You might continue or add to the negative cycle by working longer at your desk before taking a break. When you do take a break, you might head to the water cooler or make a call to a friend and talk about how crappy things are at work adding focus to what you don’t want and nonetheless feeding that undesired experience. A call or a conversation with a friend about evening plans, what kids are doing, beautiful weather that is upon us, or even what is growing in the garden shifts away from stagnant draining energy and nourishes or fills what we want to grow.

This is our chance to think about what we want to grow.

How do we want to fill in the space?

What weeds will we pull to make room for our dreams?

What can you notice outside your window that is living in the surrendered experience of growing and trusting and filling in its moments with love and gratitude? What is out there seizing the opportunity of NOW?

Fall in love with that thing, please!

Wishing you endless Love & Gratitude,

(that will naturally flow into feeling full of beautiful growth!)

~ Sarah

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