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Love Rising

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

January 2022 Welcome to the new page on the calendar and a whole new year to go with it!

Let's take time to Celebrate the jouney that got us here, to this moment, the magic of right now!. It is what many people are doing at this point in the calendar cycle and it sounds like such a wonderful idea ~ so let’s do that too… together.... and in a very mindful way!

Often I hear friends, family, neighbors… most people, launch into stories about everything that has gone wrong in the last year or so, outlining dissapointments, struggles, losses, negative experiences and outcomes. Those things are definitely real but they are not the “valuable things” that need to be in the spotlight of your attention.

~ Remember, what we put our attention on grows.~

What is a more valuable piece that you may be able to put your attention on and hope that it will grow? You made it past those struggles. I know that because you are here today, reading this paragraph of inspiration! ; ) The spotlight can easily be on your resiliance, your health, intellagence, strength, love or even plain old luck. You are here now and the past is in the past, if you let it be. Celebrate right now by recognizing your courage, your resoursefulness.

Showcase your best. This is Self Honoring. This is Self Love.This comes from Self-Worth!

In the northern areas of North America, January starts the sugaring season. All the work of the tree from the last living and growing cycles was sent down to the roots months ago. In January, the days slowly become longer and the sun becomes stronger and the tree knows that it is time to allow that sap to rise and awaken. Allow it to spread to the parts of the tree that reaches toward the heavens. Life does not show in the tree yet because nothing in the plant world is ever in a hurry. The sap rises and then it returns to the roots. It does a little and then returns to resting. It trusts that every effort will be exactly what is needed for the mighty tree to be ready when the ground warms, and the buds start to break, and branches push. Today's rising and falling will take effort. It is an awakening, so of course that takes effort. In the plant world all effort comes from the will of love, the endless reserve of energy. When that sap it rising, it is love that is rising. It is easy for me to be inspired by that! Let love rise and nourish me!

I packed away everything that I needed, then looked to stillness and inner wisdom to sort out and distill the collected stock into love that will rise when I awaken.

Several years ago I learned an interesting fact. A study was done on congenitally blind people (people blind from birth). The study involved observing them when they were expereincing emotions and noting the body expression they exhibited during the emotions. Sadness, success and everything in between was expressed exactly as humans with sight express the emotions. These blind people have never seen their mother hang her head in frustration. They had never known that shaking their head in disgust was what typically happens when feeling this emotion. Their body’s responses to emotion are exactly that, their body’s genuine responses, because they have not been influnced by what they have seen others doing. This is a reminder that our body is always talking to us. And to bring this all together ~ when we celebrate success, whether we have seen someone cross the finishline in record time or not, we all react the same. We open our hearts to the heavens. We throw our hands in the air. We look up. We might shut our eyes. We often say “thank you” even if we don’t know if we are thanking God, our body or everything else. We are just thankful. Let’s celebrate 2021 and 2022 at the cusp of this transition. We don’t need to know what we are thankful for (it will come to us eventually) just look up, raise your hands, shut your eyes, lift your heart and open your body to heaven… look like the tree. The one outside allowing the love to rise up and fill what needs to be filled. Raise up that love and let it nourish every little bit. Believe that it is another step to carrying you forward into the rest of your life. Moving you to that place with love.

Thank you for being here!

Thank you for your courage!

Thank you for believing!

Thank you for your resourcefulness…

Thank you for everything ~ I am so glad we are here together!

Blessing of Love & Gratitude


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