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Where is that easy button?

Where is that easy button, you might be asking?

Turns out it’s directly behind your perspective!

Have you ever been in a process that feels completely foreign to you? Learning a new language, math concepts, doing your taxes, or cooking with a new recipe or ingredient might stir some memories of the daunting feelings that might overtake you. Working with my new helper, Anna, has opened up this experience for me. I love being in my comfort zone of learning about the body, talking about healing, educating others, and living my daily farm & family life. Well, wanting to grow my practice without spinning my wheels, takes skills that are not in my toolbox and ideas that are not in my comfort zone. However, what is more outside my comfort zone is wasting time, energy, and money on business development without a plan! So, enter Anna the Amazing and focus on marketing and back-end concepts that might as well be written on the wall in undecipherable hieroglyphics… like the ones without pictures.

This has been such a struggle for me, it’s hard to put it into words. For weeks I was so lost that I didn’t even know what I didn’t understand, to be able to explain what I didn’t understand!! Anna was and continues to be outstanding and I am so grateful to have her working with me. For weeks, I heard myself saying that this was so hard for me. I told myself that. I told my kids that. I told Anna that (although she had a front-row seat to see that it was hard for me). Anyone that would listen to me, I told them about how it was so hard.

The wisdom that I take from other hard experiences in my life, is the same wisdom that I share with friends and clients ~ it feels hard because it is hard. For me. In that moment.

It is not “hard” for Anna. Actually, it’s “easy” for her. She has the tools and the experience and the fire inside her that lights the way for all of this work to be part of a big picture that she can see. I have the fire in me that lights the way to understanding the body, learning how systems work together, how energy flows, sciencey stuff like research analysis, and unending light for learning more holistic healing techniques… Turns out this is the hieroglyphics (without pictures) on the wall for her. One result of marketing research will unfold information lists with words from the energy/science/medical/holistic world on the screen. These are words that Anna has never seen before… just like when I look at the homework worksheet of marketing questions and I find myself needing to look up info on words I have never seen before and opening up searches that led to reading more articles… just to understand the question I was asked.

It's been so… interesting. Being reminded that I don’t have to know everything about everything and neither does Anna. She’s awesome and I am awesome and you can still be awesome, all at the same time. Even when I am struggling it does not take away my awesome. When Anna looks at a word and says she can’t even pronounce it, I feel like she is even MORE awesome actually. She doesn’t get lost in what she doesn’t know because she is so confident in what she does know. It helped me let go of the frustration that I was clinging to. I needed to just keep showing up. Even when I worked for hours and the result was not what we needed yet, I got a lot out of those hours. In the thick of the struggle, I was getting stronger. All I knew though was that I was very focused on how “hard” the work was for me. There was desperation for it to be “easy”. When I came out the other end with marketing homework results that were on track for places to build ideas on and workaround, I was out of the battlefield so to speak, so I could see the forest for the trees (again, so to speak). When any of us are on the battlefield and engaged in the stress of active trauma (argument with spouse, kids’ disruptive behavior, debt collections calling non-stop, pressures of family life or home repairs) it is very hard to understand what is happening. We are in survival mode. This changes the blood flow of our body, how our muscles work, how we digest food, and how information flows in our nervous system… we are different physically and it is measurable with science. I was not actually wrestling a tiger but doing the marketing work felt like I was and my body was responding like I was.

Stress response and body reaction.

Now that this is added wisdom to my journey, I can reflect and see this lesson. I am reminded about how hard it is for me to be out of my comfort zone, even when I ask to be and even when I understand the benefits of getting out there.

I am also heavily reminded of the bristling feeling that used to go up to my spine when I would be in class in grade school and the teacher would announce that something was hard, so we should pay close attention or easy, so we will go over it quickly. HARD or EASY… both of those words associated with an individual’s OPINION of an experience. There is not a solid fact about anything, life experience or concept for learning, being hard. The same is true for easy. It’s just a concept and it is subject to the beholder.

Writing your name may be easy for you and very hard for someone else.

Getting showered and ready for the day may be very hard for someone that is depressed or has a disability of some kind. For other people with depression or a disability, showering and getting dressed might be the only things that feel easy.

So much of our every day is subject to our own opinions, beliefs, and thought systems. These create the filter that we see our life through and develop our perspective. Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks this down into sequence ~ this bad experience might create a bad day, which then might lead to a bad week and develop into a mood that sticks with me and will then engulfs my personality… My personality is my personal – reality. If that bad day doing my marketing homework was left to stay with me, becoming trapped in my mind it could eventually affect my body and the environment that I can perceive. It was hard for me but I understood that it was hard for me. I am great at other things and I just needed to show up to get through the process. Stay engaged as much as I could with a positive mindset and trust my guide, Anna.

When my daughter was talking to me the other day she mentioned something that feels like it fits into this reflection writing, though I am not sure exactly how. Here it goes, and hope you can follow the way this relates. She said that a song in a video game she plays has a lyric ~ Is it your curse or your superpower? She was talking about what that meant to her. What sparked in my mind is how closely it paired with the ideas of easy or hard.

Does it feel hard or easy?

What are your perceptions or opinions?

They are thoughts in your mind. They are nothing more.

How tightly I hold onto them is up to me.

How much I feed them is up to me.

How much I look for proof of the opinion I hold is up to me.

How much I talk about it to others or gather others that share the same perspective is up to me.

What makes you feel like you are a superhero?

What is your superpower?

What is easy?

How can you share that with the world so that it will help grow bigger more beautiful things for everyone?

What feels like a course?

What feels like it haunts you or creates dis-ease?

What is hard?

How can you ask for support so you can get off that battlefield with the stress?

How is the struggle making you stronger?

What is that experience here to teach you?

Happy Easter ~ Happy Ramadan ~ Blessings for Passover

Wishing you an Earth Day full of breath and fresh air!

Find a little extra love every day and I will talk to you again real soon

As always, offering you all endless Love & Gratitude!


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This experience of the newsletter brings me to write these thoughts out and develop them in a way that I would not if I did not have the public commitment to offer this on the 1st of each month. It is from this commitment and is done for me to grow and through your attention.

Thank you for the stimulation, the struggle, the growth.

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