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Sweet Ride Into My Future!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

When I was about 10, my brothers and I took a trip with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins to Knobble's Park on a day trip. It was so much fun, like usual, but this time sticks out in my memory because was the time I saw a homemade wooden sign that read ~ Practice makes Perfekt! It came home with me that day because for some reason I just loved it. Many years later I realized the irony of the sign and that the word perfect was not spelled correctly! It took me YEARS! As you may or may not have noticed in other emails or writings, spelling is a ongoing mystery to me. I would rather work with concepts and numbers than the written form of the English language! It has taken a lot of effort and energy (applied to a great place to allow growth) to let go of the fear of the mis-spellings, confused words, grammar anomalies... and just get the essay written and posted, just get the newsletter out there, just get the workbook finished, etc., etc.! A few years ago one of my mentors had me write down ~ done is the new perfect ~ on sticky notes and post it 10 places around my house and office. This message came to me when I was also connecting to the deep thoughts around perfectionism and the difference in the energy held in efforts of excellence vs perfection. Today, we have this extra email/newsletter because with transition come glitches as well as new skills that need honed and learned. Getting the email list correct is one of those things! (Yay) In the last 3 months a new website has come our way specifically designed to help outline the energy healing and coaching areas of the work that I offer. The Owego Massage Nook website also got an over haul to clean that up and separate the areas of my practice. All this was done with the guidance and support of Lisa Churakos from Work Bea and the staff of the Small Business Development Center in Broome County. Something new in many places in my life and I will tell you right now there was A LOT of push back from my subconscious mind. I was manifesting issue after issue, struggle after struggle. In some meetings with Lisa there were tears, others a lot of silence and still others were full of cheers and laughter. This is my last week with Lisa. I am looking forward to trusting that I am ready to take on the next stages of my new tech skills but I am not looking forward to being separated from her passion and talent. It felt safe to have her with me and have her support. Knowing she would be there helped to keep me moving with the work that was not so fun for me. When I did get hung up ~ "I'll just write this down on the list for next week... This will take Lisa 5 minutes to untangle", then I moved onto something else. I knew it would be a snap for her, and it always was. This week Lisa tosses me the keys to this "brand new, supped up, Ford Raptor with a lift kit, white, with chrome detail"... that's what the new tech and the new knowledge feels like to me anyway. A very sweet ride into the future. She trusts me with this. She trusts me to care for it and releases me with full permission for success. It will be my choice to keep the engine running clean, the outside shined up, keep it proudly parked so everyone can see it and keep a smile on my face whenever I am using it. There is one little area that needs a little extra sparkle ~ a bumper sticker on the tailgate! I think it should read ~ DUN is the new PERFEKT! Thank you Lisa and thank you to Liam and Susan at the SBDC! This journey has been amazing and all of you played a huge role. Sending endless love & gratitude! ~Sarah


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