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Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Photo shared with love by Michelle Petrova

The next topic for the pieces of wellness series is Balance.

During this month's workshops when I asked what images come to mind for people when I mention balance, there were an inspiringly varied amount of answers that caught me by surprise. There were those who thought of scales, like ones for weights & measures, others with thoughts of a tightrope walk, yoga poses, falling off a cliff, or teetering off the edge, and a few that had my thought of those stacked stones structures we see so often on hiking trails and near waterfalls. I hold the belief that everything means something and that image that comes to mind is a genuinely wonderful insight into your inner beliefs about anything, including your opinion of balance. I invite you to take a moment and think of an image that represents balance for you before you read on.


To quickly share what unfolded for me when reflecting on why the image of the cairns (stacked rocks) comes to mind when I think of balance, I was reminded of how complicated I feel like balance is for me. Often it feels like one thing weighs so heavily on the another... and it can fall apart at any weak point, at any moment... or be beautiful and expressive and satisfying! Therefore the cairns represent my inner beliefs so well and bring me an enlightening understanding of where my thoughts are and how they manifest my experiences of balance.

Going back to your thought and image connection to balance.

What might that representation mean to you after reflecting on a few inner questions?


Let's talk about the stones a little more. Those little towers of transcendence are wonderful examples of balance, so much so that if you google search the word balance you will be met with many images of these stacked stones. Interestingly, they are not always symmetrical. They are not always the largest to smallest stones in a stack. Sometimes there are just magical moments that work together in possibility and they just don't quite make sense. Balancing new information with possibility created a place in my mind that felt like the stack of stones pictured above! My mind felt like it was floating above a vast and beautiful expanse of a new perspective. This is what happened:

I was listening to a Jon Kabat-Zinn lecture and he was talking about the distance that's between 2 points. So, if we look at a 6-inch ruler we have a tool to measure spaces that take up six inches or less. Applying basic mathematics and concepts of measure, we can quickly assess that there are actually infinite possibilities of measurements between zero and six inches. That tool of the 6-inch ruler is just the beginning of the abyss of defining the space between the points zero and 6 on the ruler. Any number in between that measure, we can extend out to another decimal point or two (or infinity) and make that point shift slightly. This will create a slightly more specific point between the zero- and 6-inch marks. Adding numbers to the right of the decimal point will continually make micro shifts to where the point is located on that ruler. Each adjustment is a new place to exist if we invest in noticing. Slightly smaller, slightly larger.

I feel like I have felt this concept! As a parent, the one-thousandth time I heard "Mommy, can I have a snack?" when I was desperately trying to focus on a task... The clicking and clacking of the dog's nails on the floor... That moment in It's A Wonderful Life when George Bailey grabs the railing of the steps and the top comes off in his hand at

the beginning of the movie... the experience, in your own home when you reach for the toilet paper, and the roll is EMPTY!… tears, anger, heartache, or another major emotional response is the evidence that you have reached the tipping point!

AND, it's important to mention that it can be a positive experience and shift out of the grumpy frustration... The stranger that gives me the Jeep wave and it includes a smile! A fun song that comes on the radio! A call or text from a friend!

Have you felt the shift that figuratively tips the scale?

Tipping into balance or tipping us out of balance?

How do you know you are getting close to the tipping point?

How do you deal with being over the tipping point?

Micro (small) or macro (big) experiences contribute to our everyday. Breaking it into infinite experiences once we include all the numerous cascades of memories that are associated with each moment of our day.

Back to the ruler ~ Every 2 points have an infinite amount of possibilities. AND… This part feels extra magic to me… That infinite space between zero and 6 inches… there are just as many infinite spaces between zero to one inch… Morning to evening has as many possibilities for success and love and growth as the time between wake-up and getting out of bed…. What!? My mind is still chewing this up from when I heard it a few weeks ago and I hope that your mind mulls it over for a long time too!

Get something great out of that, please!

Going back to the measurement piece. One inch instead of 6 inches. We have the same amount of infinite options but our perception of the space is focused on the distance, not the quantity of options. Our perspective dials in what we will process and directs our brain to help it figure out what it will see. What determines our perspective you might ask? (and I hope that you do!) Well, in my opinion, it is our tendencies & patterns (or rhythm), our mindset, and our tendency for movement toward or away from possibilities. If these are aligned to frustration, that's what we will see and look for. The balance is centered on frustration. If we are aligned with possibilities, trust, hope, and love, that's what we will see and look for. That will be what balance builds from. As the alignment shifts, we can begin to notice the changes. We can begin to notice the approach of the tipping point and maybe bring in the concept that there are an infinite number of possibilities that come between where you are emotionally/mentally and the tipping point. Ones that will shift you one way or the other.

Kind of a lot to think about!

This month we will spread some love all over this concept of balance and dig deeper into finding it with extra love and maybe more insight.

As always, sending you endless Love & Gratitude!

~ Sarah

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