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Bowing to Honesty

I Bow to the Universal Truth of Nature

We're talking about honesty as our piece of wellness this month. A few weeks ago I was driving over the hills to visit a friend and I had an experience that arrived and felt like it was a lesson in pure honesty! It struck me then at the moment as an important lesson, but slowly more and more layers unfolded and the lesson deepened. Because this was so profound, I talked about it when I arrived at my friend's house, I have talked about it many times since, I have internally thought of it often every day since that moment, and weeks later it is the focus of this blog. Nature calls to me in a way that gets my full attention and it seems She is a reliable and priceless teacher. While I was heading over the hill I drove by a sunflower field and was overwhelmed by the collective consciousness of the field of flowers. They were all facing the same direction and they were all tipped down in surrender as their life cycle had come to an end. All of them together! It's very common to see the sunflowers all facing the same direction as they follow the sun throughout the day. The whole field will move as it's guided by the light, whether there are clouds or full sun to stimulate their movement. I think many people find inspiration in this by itself. My experience with these expired plants was incredibly moving even in the initial striking moment. Then a few miles down the road, I realized I was heading North, which meant the flowers were facing East. This is the second WOW moment!

They were all facing East.

East is the general direction of the rising Sun, West is the general direction of the setting Sun. This whole field and the field slightly up from it, which also had sunflowers in it, decided they all had just a little bit more life inside of them.

This is my 3rd moment of Awe!

They all turned and recognize the Sun for their last time, together!

Then with honesty that most humans can't quite understand, that whole field of individual flowers released their life when they recognized their time had come to an end.

The honesty and recognition of that small slice of energy are inspiring.

The honesty of recognizing what felt right at that moment for each flower is also inspiring.

I was reminded that day of the honesty I can have with myself about my own energy levels.

Am I really too tired or do I just not want to?

Why don't I want to? Is it pushing my comfort zone and launching me out of my comfort zone of struggle or maybe straight into success!?

Am I really stressed out or do I just feel frustrated and unsupported?

Am I really too busy or am I just busy enough? What is the balance to stimulate me into action?

What is the purpose of this food I am eating? Hunger or boredom or maybe anger or loneliness.


There needs to be true honesty applied to these questions and those like them to find the focus points on the opportunities and wisdom the answers can provide!

Be sure to check out Let's Talk Tuesday reply from October 4th titled Honesty vs Truth. Getting this information together for the content on honesty helped me realize the difference between those two. It helps me ask better questions of myself and it helps me get better answers to those questions. Each month I offer the Live Stream from YouTube on the 1st Tuesday evening at7 pm. I offer the initial thoughts on the Piece of Wellness we will focus on for that month and follow up with weekly videos to dig deeper into each month's theme. I'd love to see you over there!

Offering you endless Love & Gratitude!


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