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Reciprocity ~ What is being offered?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

I hear a new whisper of direction in my heart.

It is cracking open the seeds of love and inner growth that have been inside my heart, building strength and potential. This whisper is also a light to warm and awaken what I want to grow.

Reciprocity settles in and opens everything up.

Native American culture looks at nature and pauses to see ~ what is being offered.

This is different than:

~ looking to see what is here

~what can I take

~what can I give back

~ what do I expect….

It is simply:

What is being offered... To me and from me. What is being offered?

Many things build with this growth into reciprocity.

Looking at the month of March, it offers us many things.

St Patrick’s Day has us thinking of green, and luck and possibly the Irish Saint himself. But what is being offered is a connection to heritage, connection to belief, thoughts that you deserve some luck or even just an uplifting connection to a different day. Each holiday that we have on our calendar is a chance to find something new and focus on a shift in routine.

What is offered to you with the celebration of St Patrick’s Day? Fun with friends, opportunity to dress a little silly, add some new color to your closet, connection to history of the day…. There is so much discover when we look at what is being offered.

On March 20th, we have the spring equinox arriving. What beautiful timing to have the sun show up equally on both hemispheres of this Earth! The sweeping thought of reciprocity shines on this event with the reminder that we are offered light and life from the sun. When it is our chance to receive the offering from the sun it is a gift. It will come and it will go. Sometimes there is more and sometimes there is less. This lifegiving force has a cycle and it never withholds it just offers in cycles that naturally provides restful time to incorporate the stimulation and to assimilate it.

What is being offered to your heart, mind & body during this upcoming equinox?

In the Northeast US, March can be one of the most unpredictable weather months of the year. Winter, Spring or Summer can show up at any moment and leave just as quickly.

What will it be that Weather herself will offer us?

Will we offer resistance? Will we have expectations over this force that we cannot control? Resistance creates friction and is grown from Fear. Observation and Adaptation create allowing and they are grown from Love.

What are we offering ourselves? Extra layers of clothing, enough time for the morning commute, attention to opportunity to soak up the sun… these are just some ideas to offer on how I will receive the upcoming weather, whatever it may be.

Lastly on my calendar for March is the preparation of the Easter holiday. Some religions will begin a time of fasting and remembering stories of the bible. I was raised in the Catholic faith and with that belief system we begin the season of Lent. It is so beautiful for me to think about what is being offered with this process, versus what it is being takin away. This is a chance to recognize stories. This includes recognizing my own story.

What other “fasting” might be offered as we notice what we are consuming? Screen time, negative thoughts, work commitments… what if we fasted from excuses! Fasting offers awareness and connection to purification.

Why not offer that into other places in our lives?

This Reflection comes with a lot of questions I hope that you can sit with these and enjoy some loving exploration into answers.

As with anything, proceed with love.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for all you do.

You offer me an audience and inspire me into places I would not have arrived in without you.

Thank you for all you offer me!

Offering Endless Love & Gratitude


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