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Pulling Back into Everything You Need for the Future

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

It’s what’s inside that counts!

One of my favorite kinds of books to read are older stories put together by farmers or naturalists that run through the months of the year and reflect on the comings and goings of the weather, events, earth changes, animal behaviors… and how they synce into a bigger picture!

Reading the October and November areas of the the book ~ The Living Year: an almanac for my survivors by Mary Q. Steele ~ there was discussion on the quieting that happens with the once vibrant summer growth. Also, how this quieting is reflected in the instinct of the plants to send energy down to the roots, drop leaves and surrender to all life. But the things that caught my attention the most was that everyone of those plants has cast out their plan for next year. There is a seed that’s dropped, bulb that’s plumped up, sap that is stored, or bud that is tightly packed for the spring. The plants have everything they need to move forward even when they are retracting backward into silence.

The autumn season is about the settling, the shifting, the quieting as much as it is about the coming into potential of the future, trusting, and letting the past go.

It is such a powerful time!

Nature is telling us ~ If we trust. If we settle. If we look inside quietly, we will notice that we have everything that we need in there!

Layers of protection that will break at stimulation, the ability to set roots, push up into anything, push up out of anything, to touch light and move into an unknown without question. That is all inside us right now (and always)!

You have heard me say this dozens of times and I will say it a dozen more ~

What you put your attention on grows! It’s really a thing. Make sure that you are putting that attention on what it is you want. What you value and what you are thankful for. Pack that away and let it nourish it you. What do you want? Words matter ~ you want less stress…? Well, actually you WANT is oposite of stress, maybe more fun!? The "fun" is what you want, so make sure to use that word. Pack away the intention of more fun. Less stress might also mean more support, a steady income, finding more company to visit with, more dinner ideas for easier meal planning… it can be anything. Spend time thinking about what you want more of, 99% of the time it will create a positive thought that you can then pack away into your heart.

My focus for this month:

Be thankful and trust my instincts.

Learn to listen to the wisdom of the past so it can be a skill that will help grow a strong and confident future.

Place attention on sifting out where my energy is going so I am only growing what I want.

It is my hope that we can be thankful for each and every moment that has come to us to create the beautiful, strong, resourceful people that we are. We made it to right now!! It wasn’t easy but we are here. Be thankful and pack those wonderful things away so they can nourish us and grow us from a deeply loved place inside.

Thank you for being here!

As always I am sending you Endless Love & Gratitude!


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