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Is the struggle real?

Originally posted on Apr 1, 2019

The struggle IS real but it's not the whole story

In all aspects of my practice my mission and hope for my clients is that someday they will not need me! I want to work myself out of a job. That ultimately means my client has found health and independence. If I strive to establish them as long term, I am disengaging their empowerment over their own health. Quite often, especially with new clients, they will ask me how often I suggest they come in. Just recently I commented to a new client that if they expect everything to happen here in my office then they need to come every day. The more they're willing to incorporate change at home and the more they're willing to create new habits that serve them better, the less they have to come in. I think in the holistic healing world providers run into the issue of clients not being invested in changing the patterns that got them to the state of health that they're in. I remember reading in the book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza, that it's just as easy to form a good habit as it is to form a bad one. The only difference is the conscious effort that needs to go into the good habit. So, with all this in mind and the energy of spring around us, I've been thinking quite a bit about the experience baby birds have when emerging into this world. They have to struggle. They HAVE to struggle. If a baby bird is assisted in any way when trying to get out of it's shell, it will not develop muscle strength needed to survive. It has to struggle to become stronger. The same thing goes for seeds sprouting. They have to deal with a struggle to break out of the soil. Insects go through it several times as they become their different forms moving into adulthood. Almost every thing that transitions into a new stage goes through a struggle. It's very true the struggle is real! I think there is an important aspect to highlight here though. When we look at the pieces of nature as they are transitioning, there is a discernment around the situation and it seems nature's focused on the growth. Focused on each moment and the bigger picture at the same time. Nature could be focused on the discomfort of being “unbloomed”. It could also be focused on hunger. But, in my opinion it's definitely not focused on the struggle. There's life waiting for them and they want to find it. They want to have the experience with an open heart and a focused mind. So to bring this web of thought together… I feel like my thoughts today are around the fact that as much as it is the egg shell that creates strength in that bird is at the same time not just the eggshell that moves that baby bird forward into its next cycle of life. I think it's more about how that life inside uses that eggshell. How it decides that eggshell is supporting it. How the experience is engaged in so that the next stage can happen. It can't happen without the egg shell but it's not just the eggshell that makes the experience.

So, clients ask me how often to come in. That will always be up to the client. Acupuncture session, Chiropractic appointment, Massage time, Yoga practice, even supplements or medicines... we all work to create a healing environment for our clients. We create the egg and the shell is the healing process. It might feel like a struggle but it’s an emergence from within. Patient and client working together to find a balance of engagement that will continue to strengthen and grow what is waiting to emerge. We all have to care about our health and find healers that will empower us and align us to our best selves. I hope that this analogy can be applied to your thinking the next time you're at the chiropractor, when you’re taking a pill, or when you're exercising. It's not just that "thing" it's a bigger experience that’s moving you forward into growth. Find a way to let it challenge you. Let it change you and your daily living. At least just a little. The struggle is real but it is not the whole story!

I enjoyed revisiting this blog I wrote a couple of years ago so I thought you might too. Enjoy and as always please let me know how this has brightened something inside you.

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