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Breathe in... Breathe out... The Extra Reason Why You Might Want To Repeat That!

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

September is Strength Month!

We are all coming off this crazy summer in the Northeast of high heat and continuously thick, oppressive humidity. Has it clarified anything for you… even if it is that you love air conditioning! We have all learned something because we are here in this new moment of our life. When we arrive in this moment we are ALWAYS in our perfect place. ALWAYS exactly where we are supposed to be. We learned something and it brought us here. In front of us is always the opportunity that we have asked for and it is our investment in our energy that will help us either find that opportunity or find a distraction. Where will our energy go to make us stronger? Which is the path that betters us? Where is the air conditioner….? All these questions have purpose. All the answers bring us somewhere.

Just a few days ago I was in a place (a physical and a mental place) that really revealed to me the progress that I have made with my growth. The physical place was a hospital, specifically a pre-op room, and my mental place was strongly focused on my heart’s intuition and trust in the bigger picture. Though I did eventually get to a place that was panic, I was able to walk myself back and realize it was my choice to be there. For whatever reasons came together Monday morning at 4:45am, I chose to take a book with me to the hospital that was a learning guide to the Kabbalah. In my time waiting for my moment to be prepped for the OR and overrun with nurses and hospital staff of all kind working to get me ready, I opened the book and read a few pages. This reminded me that I was in exactly the perfect place. The information that flooded into me is still splashing around inside making waves. The chapter was talking about the name that the Higher Power might have. Not so much like God, Creator, Devine Master, Yahweh or any other larger picture of a Being or Entity but more like what His/It’s name is. My name is Sarah, my kind is classified as a human kind. Human is my entity in a way and my name is Sarah. So, what is God’s name? What if it was something so simple and something that is the same in every language of any species of anything living on Earth? What if it is something that we already do and we don’t even (usually) think about? How about thinking it might be the litteral first and last thing that we will ever do in our life? In this book it suggested that the Higher Power’s name might just be the sound of our breath going in and out of our body. We may be saying God’s name every time we take a breath.

A deeper, slower breath with intention could mean that we are offering connection to that Higher Power with deeper, more intentional focus! And guess what… after a deep breath I usually feel a little better. I usually feel more at ease. Maybe even more connected to reality and strength and maybe it is because of the spiritual connection I just made or reached out to by calling the name of the Lord with my breath. This feels so inspiring to me! I hope it creates some wonder in you, even if it just for a moment.

A deep breath does so much to change the body in scientifically measurably ways. It is a great way to engage the Vegas nerve and calm the stress response. It is a way to massage the heart. It stimulates fresh blood flow. It Oxygenates the brain and the rest of the body. It can help flip the switch in our nervous system to stimulate digestion… it is magic! And possibly connected to the divine…? I don’t know for sure but it sure does set me up for feeling strong and aligning me with a reset to my mindset!

So, September is strength month!! For me this guidance to this new concept in the Breath has me wanting to capitalize that word as I am writing and bring it into my month of focusing on strength. To me strength means stability. Strength means focus. Strength means support. It also means inspiration and spirituality and openness and receiving and journey not just the goals.

Take a moment and gather your thoughts.

Maybe take that deep Breath and call on something from within you.

What does strength mean to you?

What activities create a feeling a strength in yourself?

What people in your life do you consider to be strong people, and why?

How can you use this moment to set yourself up to have strength in the rest of your day?

~As always, sending you endless Love & Gratitude!

~~ Sarah ~~


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