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Acceptance, The Pebble of Hope

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Just last week my kids and I had the perfect experience of acceptance!! We were invited to climb a hill and we accepted that it was going to be hard. It was hot out, the hill was steep and we can see from the bottom that it was kind of a never-ending path upwards. We accepted the challenge and we headed up. We took breaks, we kept going, we kept laughing and everyone was enjoying themselves. At some point, we reached some trees and just at that moment a new challenge arose. It started to rain, like really rain. and standing under some trees helped keep us dry at first but just a few minutes into it, we were soaked! This was a piece of our adventure that was out of our control (to stop the rain) but there was a pivotal part that we did have control over. We could decide how we felt about it. The rain, the heat, the steep hill, each of us could decide how we felt about it. I am happy to report that wonderfully, everyone was glad it was a warm day and it was a warm rain and we were all getting soaked together. I think we might have waited 20 minutes in the woods waiting for the rain to stop and when it was not showing signs of letting up, we accepted the experience of the long walk down the hill. There were so many statements that we said amongst ourselves as we began our journey up the hill and they continued with the same positive attitude through the whole trip up and down.

At least we can take breaks. At least we're wearing shorts. At least the rain is warm. At least we have nowhere to go after this. At least we have resources at the bottom of the hill to dry us off and straighten us out for the ride home.

Such a gift to be in the moment of surrender with positive-minded people!

There was a moment on the way down the hill though that stands out to me as this perfect experience of acceptance that helped me notice the lesson of the whole experience. All of us were carefully making our way down the flooded slippery path that winded down the hill. We had all given up on keeping dry by then but none of us wanted to get covered in the mud... soon our shoes were covered whether we liked it or not and the soles of them were picking up layers of clay and mud, making walking all that more difficult. There were a few close calls for slipping and landing in the mud and then inevitably someone fell! Everyone's shoes were trashed, shorts were trashed, on top of everything being wet and once one of us went down in the mud it kind of took the pressure off everyone else. You fall down and you get up and then there's a lot less effort invested and not falling again. That point of acceptance was an outstanding experience for me! It was the fall we were all afraid of until someone fell. Acceptance of the fall and the outcome led to the simple next step of getting up and keeping going with much fewer worries. All of us learned from just one of us falling. There was no laughing. There was no injury. There was only support to get up and a little bit of mud on the clothes. We all had a thought in our head like "that wasn't so bad". We saw our worst-case scenario happen and we also saw that it wasn't a big deal. We accepted a new reality that adding mud to the mess didn't change too much after all. I think the same energy is present when we accept wonderful, helpful, supportive thoughts and it is the same energy (the same power over us) we accept our "fate" or tell a story that something is impossible or that heartbreaking feeling of "the haves" and "the have nots"... especially when you feel like a have-not! I'm going to offer an analogy of the power of acceptance and compare it to the power of a pebble. I imagine you've probably had an experience with a pebble in your shoe and you can connect to that mighty experience when you step and it shifts and there's a very ouchie moment! This is a different story of a pebble that is just as potent and I think it comes to mind because I feel like the acceptance point is very much a pivoting point. Here's the story: There was a very intelligent man a couple of decades ago who understood the power of a pivot point and he got very good at moving incredibly large things like gigantic blocks of stone and even a barn! Just by using a stone smaller than his hand. He used the small stone under the massive block to create space underneath the large mass and the small stone created a pivot point where this one man could move stones weighing tons all by himself. He could move the massive blocks anywhere once the pebble was in place. That little stone could create movement in a new direction. Click here to watch a YT video of one of his projects! (check out the video at 1 minute 35 seconds) I imagine a Point of Acceptance is a pivotal point just like that stone underneath a megalith. It allows movement, it allows changing of direction, and it allows re-alignment. It offers options and hope. Whether we are talking about Acceptance or the stone, it lifts that heaviness of the weight that we bear in the struggle upon us, creating space, movement, room to breathe, and support to pivot. What invites in the opportunity of acceptance is acknowledging any of the various pieces of wellness that we covered these last several months or anything else that really connects you to personal growth. AND there is that magical recipe of Noticing, Listening, and Shifting which can lead the way in helping you to find your way to that pivotal place of acceptance.

Make sure that whatever you are doing is creating some space and room to breathe and pointing you in the right direction for personal growth.

Helping people create this space or even starting to believe in the space, is why I'm so passionate about the work that I offer! Restorative Healing helps change that energetic imprint that defines you and also directly addresses limiting beliefs that you might have about your greatness, your story of success, and your personal value. We find the vibrations (trapped memories of trauma and emotions) and release them to uncover your vibration of success and thriving! Do you have questions about how Restorative Healing work can help you arrive to a pivotal point of acceptance please do not hesitate to reach out to me! It is so important to believe there are options to support you in finding space and creating movement that feels easier and attainable (either emotionally or physically). I love helping people find a little pebble of hope that can be so mighty that it can shift things that feel monumental.

I'm going to invite you to partake in an activity right now, in this moment we are sharing together..

I want you to go outside and I want you to find a pebble and I want you to keep it in your pocket. Carry it around and every time you touch that stone you're going to say "I love and I accept myself just the way I am!"

You're going to touch that stone and imagine that that statement might be the pivotal piece of self-acceptance that will help you feel like you have everything it takes to shift anything no matter how big!

You're going to touch that stone and you're going to think of Hope!

Maybe you're going to touch that stone and think how crazy it is one minute Sarah's talking about falling in the mud and the next minute moving barns with pebbles but I do think it all fits together and I do think it gives motivation for inspiration!

Please reach out to me and let me know how I can help you with your pivoting points!

It would be awesome if you shared a picture of your pebble, also! Email, text, social media... share the pebble picture, share the message, share the hope and acceptance. Wishing you endless Love and gratitude! ~Sarah

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