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Couples Neck Workshop!

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Workshop on neck massage basics for couples!

Say Hello to a Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving!!

Coming up on Saturday, February 18th I will be hosting a neck massage workshop for couples or paired-up friends, family, or another kind of loved ones! Grab your significant other, best friend, sibling, or neighbor, and reserve your spot for this fun event! I will show you techniques to use on each other to help release tension, stress, and discomfort so you can let that stressful day go while working together. This work can help kick off an evening or weekend with both of you relaxed, calm, and comfortable. Here are the details:

~ 2 massage tables fit in the office so each workshop can host 2 pairs of people at a time

~ There are 2 sessions available for booking, one-morning session and one-afternoon session.

~ This event will include instruction for offering massage to someone in a regular chair as well as on a massage table

~ Each person will offer work to the other, so each will give and receive a neck massage

~ I will offer neck work to everyone that attends

~ The morning session runs from 10 am- 12:30 pm and the afternoon session is from 1:30 pm to 4 pm

~ cost to attend is $150/ couple

This is in no way a training session for anyone to become a professional but it will be a great way to learn the benefits of simple techniques that support the alignment and function of this expressive area of the body.

The office will be set up with 2 massage tables so this will be a group gathering. You must come with a companion and be sure to wear comfy clothes, they will stay on for massage time.

February 18th
10am - 12:30pm or 1:30pm - 4pm

Why this workshop...?

As soon as Sarah was done with massage school she enrolled in specialty training on understanding and working with the neck! This area of the body is a common area to hold tension and stress resulting in tight muscles, restricted movement, ear aches, headaches, and much much more. Sign up for this workshop to learn some basic skills that will help you and your partner loosen these muscles and calm all those other symptoms of stress! 

  • See what it is like to use a massage table

  • Learn ways to relax and massage the neck while your partner is in a regular chair

  • Practice techniques that support your needs while giving work so it's less demanding on you!

  • Be introduced to basic muscle structure of the neck to better understand where to work

  • Enjoy a fun and informative outing with your loved one

  • Get your questions answered and specific needs met with individual attention

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