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Permissions Series 
Cut and Fold
Daily Direction

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Align with Sarah

Permission to
Be Worth It!

Hey thanks for checking this out!

I'm so glad you are here ~ below is the downloadable PDF of the 3 pages of  Permissions

In case you missed it, in February 2022 some short and sweet videos went up daily on the YouTube channel Align with Sarah. Each of these videos offered the thought of giving myself permission to change some part of me or encourage my thinking to shift into an new mindset to become more focused and connect to a more positive growth mindset.

This invitation in now out there to you!

The name of the project changed over time and it has settle on The Permission to be Worth It!

Give yourself permission to be Worth It too and check out this fun interactive daily practice of giving yourself permission to grow and reflect on an area of life!

Below are 3 pages of Daily Direction broken into 36 different Permissions.

Print this worksheet out and cut out each permission by following the horizontal line that runs from left to right across the paper. You can also be creative with how you want to cut these, but only one "permission" per piece of paper once you are done cutting. Once all of them are cut out however feels best for you, fold each one individually 2 or 3 times so you are not able to see what is inside. Place the folded pieces in a cup or small container and you are ready to go! You are all set to choose a folded paper from the container and the more you trust the divinity of the experience, the deeper the lesson will be. 

This can become a daily routine to pick one of the folded papers out of the container (and let the Devine forces guide you to the paper you choose ~ no peeking : ) ). Unfold the paper, read , reflect, unfold into the lesson with some meditation or journaling, or simply set an intention for the day (or week or longer).

With each Permission we can take a moment to think about:

~ Have I ever considered this activity to be blocked in anyway?

~ What does this permission mean to me?

~ How can I apply this in my day?

Proceed with love!

Let me know how this feels for you ~ talk to you soon!

Please remember this is a copyrighted project so please no sharing
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