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Anxiety Support
Monthly Workshop

November 24th, 5:00PM

Overview of what Anxiety Workshop is like:

This time together is offered in workshop form and we explore the emotion of Anxiety and how it manifests and affects our physical body, mental health, and overall emotional condition. Our time together consists of a 45-minute presentation, time to practice techniques to use at home, and I will also take a volunteer for one-on-one session as a demo for the group to receive Restorative Healing to clear symptoms of anxiety.

Participation in the one-on-one is optional. 

$20 suggested donation

Any questions please send me an email

Girl in power, anxiety support
Grey Limbo

Workshops, classes, and Restorative Healing sessions are not medical treatment. The information and tools shared are types of energetic healing, holistic healing, and natural healing. It is not intended to replace, substitute or interrupt conventional medical care. If you are having a medical emergency call 911. 

$20 suggested donation. The Anxiety Workshops include one-on-one work for attendants who would like to volunteer to demo to receive Restorative Healing (energy work) to treat symptoms of anxiety and share changes they feel during and after receiving the work.

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